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OSHA Top 10 Safety Violation Guide of 2014

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff
This news item covers the 2014 violations guide. The most recent Guide to the Top 10 OSHA Violations can be found here.

Fewer lives were lost due to preventable workplace accidents in 2014. According to OSHA’s annual violation report, fatalities dropped from 4,628 in 2013 down to 4,405 in 2014 — the lowest since the census was first conducted in 1992.

Graphic Products, a global leader in providing solutions for safety and visual communication, has compiled OSHA’s annual OSHA Top Ten Safety Violation Guide to outline preventative measures to becoming next year’s statistic. Receive a complimentary training guide, which provides an in-depth look at the top 10 violations of 2014 here.

Top 10 most cited standard violations include:

  1. Fall Protection: 7,516 violations (1926.501)
    Fall protection should be provided at elevations of four feet in general industry workplaces, five feet in shipyards, six feet in the construction industry, and eight feet in long shoring operations, and whenever working over dangerous equipment. Violations decreased by nine percent.
  2. Hazard Communication: 6,148 violations (1910.1200)
    Most violations involved not having met the HazCom 2012 training deadline of Dec. 1, 2013. This included a written Hazard Communication program, established training to convert to SDS from MSDS for transporting and holding of hazardous materials. Violations decreased by 1 percent.
  3. Scaffolding: 4,968 violations (1926.451)
    Scaffolding accidents commonly result from planks giving way, employee falls and tumbling objects. An estimated 2.3 million construction workers — 65 percent of the construction industry — work on scaffolds frequently. Violations decreased by eight percent.
  4. Respiratory protection: 3,843 violations (1910.134)
    An estimated 5 million workers are required to wear respirators in 1.3 million workplaces throughout the United States. Violations decreased by 1 percent.
  5. Powered industrial trucks: 3,147 violations (1910.178)
    Forklifts, or powered industrial trucks, are efficient tools used in moving heavy loads or storing materials, but can wreak havoc. Violations decreased by six percent.
  6. Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO): 3,117 violations (1910.147)
    Most electrical accidents result from unsafe equipment, unsafe environments, or unsafe work practices. Violations decreased by four percent.
  7. Ladders: 2,967 violations (1926.1053)
    Falls are often involved in occupational fatalities. While human error causes most ladder falls, steps can be taken to minimize injuries. Violations decreased by 11 percent.
  8. Electrical, wiring methods: 2,907 violations (1910.305)
    Most electrical accidents will result from unsafe equipment, unsafe environments, or unsafe work practices. Violations decreased by 16 percent.
  9. Machine guarding: 2,520 violations (1910.212)
    Any machine part, function, or process that might cause injury must be safeguarded. Violations decreased by nine percent.
  10. Electrical, general requirements: 2,427 violations (1910.303)
    Electrical hazards are the second leading cause of deaths in the construction industry, killing an average of 143 construction workers each year. Violations decreased by 11 percent.

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