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Safety Blog: Think Before You Act

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

How many times have you set out to do a task and didn't even take a minute to plan? I am guilty of this too. Life or death can hang in the balance! We must take the time to plan and complete a job hazard analysis before we start any part of the particular job, including preparation.

First thing's first: We must consider all the hazards at the jobsite and prepare to mitigate those hazards. I teach everyone to take a step back and observe the job before starting a project. What are some of the more obvious hazards? Which hazards might be hidden? Which hazards might come up as a project gets underway?

From there, take a deep look at all the tasks you and others will perform. Discuss the tasks and all of the elements that will be involved in that task, down to the transportation you take to the job site. Check reports on weather and traffic, and perform a vehicle safety audit checklist! Every piece of the puzzle becomes important.

A system for hazard identification becomes critically important throughout the planning process. The plan should include appropriate checklists, as well as input and insight from employees from throughout the company (whenever possible).

Did you solve the puzzle? There are 25 rectangles, to be exact. How hard did you really look? Similarly, how much effort did you put into your job hazard analysis so that you and your fellow employees can work safely and without worry?

Create a system for hazard identification and put it into writing with checklists and wisdom that span all the ages of the employees involved! As a pilot you wouldn't just jump into an airplane and take off without carefully planning and doing your pre-flight inspection, right?

Always create a plan! If you are at a loss for ideas or need assistance call on your safety professional and uses complimentary resources from OSHA and Graphic Products  to fill in the blanks for safe operating procedures.

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