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Safety Blog: Who Can Keep Us Safe?

By Jeff Woods

Deep in the recesses of our brain lurk thoughts that can have a profound effect on our safety thought process.

"Although Buddha never claimed to be a neuroscientist, some insights which have been attributed to him resonate strongly with the findings of modern researchers,” wrote Peter Prontzos in a review of Louis Cozolino's “The Neuroscience of Human Relationships.” “One of the most profound of these understandings is the idea that our deepest ’self’ is not a ‘thing’; rather, it is an on-going natural process, one which continues to evolve throughout one’s life.”

If this statement is true, we must think of education and training as a crucial task when considering how to effectively reduce Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) and any likelihood of workplace injury.

Employee evaluation in the hiring phase and throughout employment must be carefully evaluated in order to understand the level of training. The ability to make the right and safe decision when no one is looking is paramount. Workers’ tendency toward, or tolerance of risk according to their training, their experience, and the primal tendencies that have not been trained out of their brain must be accounted for.

Have you known people who tend to be risky in their behaviors? Have you known people that get a thrill from chaos? Identifying these personality traits and guiding these employees to the training they need to understand the behavior, its cause, and how to recognize and change that behavior, is the responsibility of management down to the frontline personnel.

I urge you to play an active role in recognizing these behaviors and pointing the person in the direction of help and then notifying management. Training, knowledge, and understanding are the keys dictating our actions or decisions that may put ourselves or others at risk. Who can keep us safe? We can.

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