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Share a Safety Selfie for Manufacturing Day

By Christine Torres

There’s a time and place for fun, and it’s usually not at work, but with a new generation shaking up the workforce, some industries are jumping on digital and social engagement. The “Selfie for Safety” campaign was designed by Rockford Systems LLC to raise student awareness of the importance of machine safeguarding. That social self-assessment has caught on in the industrial workforce, and in honor of Manufacturing Day, Oct. 5, various companies are joining the social media fray.

“Unfortunately, many people don’t understand what today’s manufacturing really looks like. But we’re set out to change that,” Caterpillar said about Manufacturing Day and spreading social awareness about the industry. “Manufacturing is not dark, dirty and outdated – it’s sleek, modern and innovative with highly skilled employees using advanced technologies. It’s a safe place where continuous improvement thrives and caring for the environment is a top priority.”  

Participate With Us

From creating innovative training apps to social media campaigns, safety goals are not changing, but the methods of spreading that culture and those messages are. Follow these easy steps to participate in the “Selfie for Safety” campaign with us:

  • Take a selfie standing next to visual communication at your facility (either at work, school or at home)
  • Post your photo on Graphic Products’ Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn pages
  • Tag your photo #selfieforsafety

Efficient, Effective, Engaging Solutions

Worker culture plays a factor in overall safety and could make a difference between compliance and costly claims and accidents. Organizations that perform well where work involves risk are those with leadership that understand the importance of safety.

Self-assessments are an engaging start. Utilize our free educational resources to help assess your workplace and uncover areas for improvement such as a job hazard analysis webinar that offers tools for improving workplace safety. Use a visual aid like an infographic to post in your work areas to reinforce safety messages. To stay on top of compliance, consistently evaluate your facility to ensure it is following all pertinent OSHA regulations and review your current safety programs and update them as needed.

Be proactive and identify potential issues before they become major problems by using our Facility Safety Audit guide. Ensure your safety signage and labeling remains effective and focused for the needs of your industry. Use effective workplace planning, training, and hazard mitigation with a goal of project completion and keeping workers safe. Need safety signage compliance assistance? Discover industry best practices for workplace safety signs in accordance with OSHA and ANSI requirements with our OSHA Safety Signs guide.

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