St. Patrick's PPE

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

leprechaun safety

As you know Spring is prime hunting season for those wee guardians of gold coin. Statistically, the chance of stumbling upon a leprechaun, unabashedly running errands in preparation of the celebration on the 17 this higher in March. If you live in a rainy climate like the Pacific Northwest, or Great Britain, the odds of prosperity are in your favor. The appearance of spring sunlight reflecting in droplets, common to these regions, is a well-known symbol of a nearby leprechaun.

If (and let me emphasize the enormity of this "if") you are able to catch one, he must provide you with a pot of gold in exchange for his freedom. I've been studying up on ancient Celtic rules to gain an edge. I've determined from research, that while catching one of those snarky pint-sized fellows is attainable, it does come with hazards.

Preparation for hunting

Some believe that leprechauns are evil little monsters; this is not true at all! They are only mischievous, and actually enjoy being caught—sometimes—in order to play the game of escape artist. If you begin to outwit them you'll be thankful you stumbled on this article beforehand, and are wearing appropriate PPE. Their tactics will turn petty and leave you gasping in bewildered pain, if you are not protected.

As luck of the Irish would have it, I work for the global leader in safety communication, so I can easily access the resources needed to prevent any accidents or injury while on pursuit. Since my fortune is practically at my fingertips—I’m feeling generous. There is an abundance of fortune available for everyone, and I may as well share my personal protection tips with you.

I wish you luck on your pursuit of the ever elusive pot o' gold.

Leprechaun hunting PPE check List:

Safety Gloves-Hand Protection

Cut resistant safety gloves are required for the sneak- up approach. You'll want to grab him by wrapping one gloved arm around his neck and use your other arm to cradle him. When panicked, it is common for Leprechauns to bite. Their teeth may be old but can chew through the thickest bacon.

Coveralls - Body Protection

Protection in the form of entire body suit coveralls is advised. There are two reasons for this.

Leprechauns like to distract you, and if they can pull a piece of clothing up, down, or off  then their escape is easier—while you fumble to adjust yourself in a state of confusion. Total body coveralls are difficult for elfin-like hands to mess with.

The coveralls add a layer of protection against sharp nails and teeth.

Boots - Foot Protection

Oversized thick leather boots or even steel-toed boots are most appropriate. Don't let the small sprite’s stature fool you. They have a common practice of jumping on humans’ feet precisely where it hurts the most, causing you to stop in your tracks or even fall. Foot stomping is a defense tactic passed down from the ancient Celtic leprechaun shoemakers. It's no wonder they have perfected it.

Hard Hats - Head Protection

The number one reason humans fail to capture a leprechaun is head injuries during falls in strategically placed trap doors. Typically a person on pursuit has no memory of the leprechaun sight after a fall has occurred. Your best defense is to wear a well-secured hard hat—to avoid little hands from knocking it off your head.

Don't rely on just luck. Careful preparation could be the difference between a dangerous exposure and the ability to buy the next round for everyone you see on St. Patty's day. Graphic Products offers one-stop safety supplies for all your industrial PPE needs. Download a Facility & Safety Equipment catalog or call one of our helpful safety professionals at 888.326.9244 to decide which equipment will work best for you.