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Understanding Arc flash With the Latest Video from Graphic Products

By Matt Wastradowski

Graphic Products has launched a video that breaks down arc flash and explains the importance of arc flash safety in the workplace.

The two-minute video explains what an arc flash is, how an arc flash occurs, and how employees can stay safe around electrical equipment.

It also refers to the NFPA 70E standard, the most widely-used standard for workplace electrical safety. The standard provides guidelines for what must be included on an arc flash label to protect workers from hazards posed by electrical equipment.

“Electrical hazards are regularly among OSHA’s most-cited violations every year,” said Jeff Woods, Safety Auditor with Graphic Products. “It’s important to understand hazards like arc flash, and what must be done to protect your workers and assets.”

Viewers can learn more about arc flash safety by requesting a free copy of the second edition of Practical Solution Guide to Arc Flash Hazards. The 130-page guide, created by electrical safety experts at EasyPower, walks users through the necessary steps for implementing an arc flash assessment and maintaining an arc flash program. Learn more about the guide, and grab a copy today.

The video is available online at the Graphic Products YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for an extensive playlist of complimentary webinars, industrial safety tutorials, and safety resources.

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