Video Release: What is Pipe Marking?

By Jordy Byrd

Pipe contents can kill. While pipe marking is regulated by local authorities, Graphic Products' new pipe marking video outlines the most widely accepted standards — ANSI/ASME A13.1.

The video addresses pipe marking color codes, and outlines three categories of pipes that require identification including:

  1. Pipes with hazardous contents or pipes that could generate hazardous conditions
  2. Pipes that could affect procedures followed during an emergency or are part of hazard prevention, emergency response or serve a safety purpose
  3. Pipes whose flow must be redirected, shut off, or adjusted to allow for maintenance and other expected work

Watch the video to learn more about pipe marking in your facility or download Graphic Products' complete Pipe Marking Guide. Graphic Products offers a wide array of pipe marking resources and training tools that meet marine, medical, and wastewater treatment standards and more.

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