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Workers Memorial Day Honors Fallen Employees

By Sally Murdoch

Graphic Products supports Workers' Memorial Day

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day serves as a remembrance to those who have died in service, and today we may spend it at cemeteries and memorials, visiting with friends and family, boating, barbecuing and reveling. No matter how you commemorate, it’s good to remember there’s also another Memorial Day remembrance that’s close to many hearts in the U.S., called Workers’ Memorial Day.

Workers’ Memorial Day is held every April 28 to honor the thousands of workers who have died on the job. April 28 is also the day OSHA was established in 1971, and it serves to acknowledge the grief experienced by families and communities when a loved one dies. In the words of OSHA, it is also a day “to recommit ourselves to the fight for safe and healthful workplaces for all workers.” The statistics suggest the amount of work that still needs to be done in making every workplace in the U.S. safe. According to OSHA; 4,836 workers were killed on the job in 2015, representing a slight increase from the 4,821 fatal injuries reported in 2014. This equates to an average of more than 93 deaths a week, or more than 13 occupational fatalities every day.

Top Safety Violations of the Year Help Us Learn From Others Mistakes

One way employers and workers can strive for a safer workplace is to become familiar with OSHA’s top violations every year so that they can avoid them. Graphic Products’ guide to OSHA’s annual Top 10 Safety Violations breaks down the hazards that inspectors see repeatedly, with fall protection violations leading the charge for 2016, as it has for a number of years in the running. The list of top 10 violations serves as a benchmark for employers to get perspective on their own safety programs without having to suffer citations, or worse, loss of worker’s limbs or lives.

Learn What Safety Managers Know

While familiarizing yourself with past violations can shed light on potential safety hazards, so too can learning the tricks of the trade that Safety Managers possess. Graphic Products has created the 10 Health and Safety Tips for Safety Managers infographic that visually explains the importance of mitigating hazards, preparing for the unexpected, keeping workers safe in emergencies, and of course, meeting OSHA requirements. The infographic may be shared with co-workers to make a lasting impact on safety throughout your company.

OSHA will honor those who have been injured or lost their lives in the workplace at events nationwide on April 28. All local events are free and open to the public. For more information, visit OSHA’s Workers’ Memorial Day webpage