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Your Final Training Material Before the Deadline has Arrived!

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

We’re down to the final moments. The day we’ve been talking about, for years now is walking into the ring to face us. By June 1, 2015, all manufacturers, importers, and employers must have converted to SDS and meet the HazCom 2012 labeling requirements for chemical identification.

If you’ve been following our updates, tips, and using our resources over the years to meet the previous deadlines and maintain preparedness, then kudos to you! Move on to the next important topic. If you are a new subscriber, or just keep putting this whole “GHS, or HazCom thing” off then it is time to finish the project, pronto. No one wants to pay any fines.

Graphic Products has released a brand new, eye-catching infographic that explains the various HazCom 2012 deadlines.

This new infographic is a fantastic reference tool to keep your workforce informed and to train new employees.

Need more help? Choose from the “best of” of our training resources below to ensure that you're in compliance.Stock up on GHS quick reference cards, and don’t forget to request our free HazCom 2012 guide to share with your employees!

Other Graphic Products training resources include:

If your facility needs to create labels and signs that comply with HazCom 2012 and GHS regulations, give us a call at 888.532.6787 so we can assist in quickly getting your facility converted.