Circuit Board Polyimide Tape

SKU: circuitboardpoly

Circuit Board Polyimide Tape

SKU: circuitboardpoly

This supply is perfect for electrical manufacturing environments with ultra-high temperatures. This flexible, low profile material provides long-lasting electrical and thermal insulation. Use it to identify a variety of electrical components and make printed circuit board (PCB) tracking labels.





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Product Description

  • High dielectric strength: material provides insulation and protection against wave soldering and acidic solvents.
  • Acrylic adhesive: adhesive holds strong to resist damage from high temperatures.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: labels stay intact and legible in a range of temperatures and surfaces indoors and out.


  • Outdoor life

    2 years

  • Thickness

    2 mil film, 2 mil adhesive, 3.2 mil liner

  • Min service temperature


  • Max service temperature


  • Application temperature


  • Shelf life

    2 years

  • Film thickness

    2 mil

  • Adhesive thickness

    2 mil