Bronco Outdoor Arc Flash Kit


Bronco Outdoor Arc Flash Kit


Get everything you need to make outdoor NFPA 70E/NEC arc flash labels and signs. Spend less than you would on individual supplies with this preassembled kit.


Product Description

Have the freedom to design and print custom arc flash warnings and safety signs using preprinted supplies with colored OSHA/ANSI headers. This kit includes our easy-to-use DuraLabel Bronco printer, labeling software, and a variety of durable supplies.

  • Compliant supplies: meet NFPA standards for arc flash labeling or make custom OSHA/ANSI-style signs. Supplies resist damage from chemicals, water, UV light, and outdoor conditions.
  • Efficient facility-wide solution: the small size and quick output of Bronco make it an excellent system for any facility. Print onto 1/2’’ to 4’’ tape widths. Includes 5-year warranty.
  • USB connection: hook Bronco up to a laptop to turn it into a portable labeling system.
  • Powerful software: connect to a PC to design labels in minutes. Simplify the process with time-saving templates (DuraSuite) or customize labels from scratch (LabelForge). Includes free updates.

For a complete list of supplies and savings, see our DuraLabel Bronco Arc Flash Kit Flyer


  • Differentiator 2

    USB connection and PC label software included