Fiberglass Sign Blanks

SKU: fiberglass-sb

Fiberglass Sign Blanks

SKU: fiberglass-sb

Turn labels into permanent outdoor signs using highly durable fiberglass material. Fiberglass has high impact resistance and is stronger than most metals making it perfect for long-lasting signs. Easily mount to a variety of building fixtures.




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Product Description

Increase visibility to messages and turn labels into permanent signs for use indoors and outdoors. Fiberglass sign blanks are an easy way to communicate safety messages in hard to label areas and locations that need temporary signs, such as construction sites, warehouses, and retail businesses. Contact us for additional sizes.


  • Convenient: apply label(s) to sign blank to instantly create a durable sign.
  • Heavy Duty: high impact resistance and stronger than most metals.
  • Easy to install: includes predrilled holes to mount to walls, doors, fences, and other fixtures.


  • Outdoor life

    5 years

  • Thickness


  • Min service temperature


  • Max service temperature


  • Shelf life

    5 years