Whiteboard Easel

SKU: E7626EA

Whiteboard Easel

SKU: E7626EA

When working on a team, it can be difficult to record and present information and plans for everyone to see. Thankfully, we at Graphic Products have the solution you've been looking for. Now, you can record and display information and materials on our double-sides whiteboard easel. The easel is designed for easy transportation and storage, so you don't have to worry about it taking up too much space. The whiteboard easel is also designed to be magnetic, allowing you to attach charts, papers, and even posters to the easel with ease. Don't forget, the whiteboard easel is also double-sided, so you get twice the writing space! Order your whiteboard easel from Graphic Products today.


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Product Description

Record and display information and materials on a double-sided whiteboard easel.

  • Multipurpose: attach posters, charts, use as a magnetic board, and mark up both sides of board.
  • Convenient: easily transport and store anywhere.


  • Dimensions

    70” x 26”

  • IsCustomizable