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Arc Flash Study

Analyze power. Assess risks. An on-site arc flash study examines your electrical system for potential risks, and confirms or updates one-line diagrams. Measure your entire electrical system with this complete, big-picture study.

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  • On-site evaluation

  • Update one-line diagrams

  • Analyze safety recommendations


Experience you can trust

Alleviate arc flash hazards. Electrical safety experts will provide recommendations based on a thorough evaluation of your facility’s electrical system and unique needs. Consult the professionals – whether your system has proven successful to-date or you've just received an electrical safety gap analysis.

  • Work with experienced professionals who have performed energized electrical work.
  • Comply with the latest NFPA 70E standard.
  • Use SKM PowerTools software or EasyPower software.
  • Receive database model files and create arc flash labels.
  • Confirm or update one-line diagrams, including detailed AutoCAD one-line diagrams, and reports.
  • Obtain recommendations for hazard reduction (10 cal/cm2 and above).
  • Receive recommendations on: correcting short-circuit deficiencies and correcting protective device coordination issues.

Build a better safety net

Improve electrical safety in your facility today!

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