Meet compliance requirements, learn about our industry-leading label printers, and take steps toward a safer workplace with the Graphic Products video library. Our videos cover a variety of safety-related topics, including industry best practices, DuraLabel tutorials, step-by-step instructions for improving facility safety, and more.


Get to know our line of DuraLabel industrial printers, PathFinder floor marking tape, software offerings, compliance services, and more. Whether you’re looking to print small safety signs, create custom labels, or improve warehouse safety, we’ll help you get the job done right and put those OSHA worries to rest.

The WorkSafe Series

Get an insider’s look at some of our most popular labeling supplies and tools with the WorkSafe Series. The videos, starring Graphic Products’ own Garrett Courtney, showcases labeling solutions for various environments, industries, and applications.


Learn as you go with our how-to videos. The short instructional videos cover supply loading, DuraLabel printer maintenance and cleaning, software tutorials, label creation walk-throughs, and more. If you can’t find the video you need, contact our customer service department and let them know.

Label Creation

Software Assistance

Safety Education

Brush up on key standards with our Safety Education videos. The quick overviews cover numerous topics, including arc flash, lockout/tagout, lean manufacturing, chemical labeling, and more to help you and your staff.

Who We Are

Get to know a different side of Graphic Products. We’ve been based in the Pacific Northwest since 1970, so learn more about the professionals dedicated to visual communication and workplace safety.

Tough. Tested.

Learn more about our promise to ensure your supplies are “Tough. Tested.” These videos include information on our testing labs, Quality Assurance professionals, and high-quality customer service.

FAQ Section

The FAQ series is a way for the Graphic Products Technical Support Team to answer our customers’ burning questions. From techniques on label application to making sure your DuraLabel system runs at peak efficiency. Our Technical Support Team has the answers you’re looking for.