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WorkSafe: DuraLabel Fluorescent HiViz Tape

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff


The following is a transcript of the DuraLabel Fluorescent HiViz Tape WorkSafe video:

Hi, I’m Garrett with Graphic Products, and today we’re talking about DuraLabel Fluorescent HiViz Tape.

Increase visibility to important messages facility-wide. This brightly colored dayglow supply lets you create reliable signs that will command attention anywhere.

Whether you need to improve organization with labels for 5S and tool cribs, or need vibrant facility safety signs employees will recognize, use HiViz and instantly enhance efficiency and awareness.

If you’re working outdoors, increase the service life of signs with Outdoor Fluourescent HiViz tape. Its thick construction is made to endure the elements, making it ideal for construction site signs, wayfinding, and equipment labels.

DuraLabel Fluorescent HiViz tape is available in green, yellow, and orange with additional options for outdoor grade. Sizes range from ½ to 9 inches.

For more information on DuraLabel Fluorescent HiViz tape—or to pick up a roll, click on the shop now button, while you’re there please be sure to check out our other amazing products and services. Thanks for watching, and work safe.

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