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WorkSafe: PathFinder LITE 5S Tape

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff


The following is a transcript of the PathFinder LITE 5S Tape WorkSafe video:

Hi, I’m Garrett with Graphic Products, and today we’re talking about PathFinder LITE 5S Tape.

PathFinder LITE product line is a reliable tape ideal for multipurpose floor marking applications. It’s perfect to apply to floors, pipes, walls, and equipment in areas with light foot traffic.

Its flexible material allows it to conform to a variety of surfaces, including uneven surfaces where more rigid tapes may have trouble, and with no liner to peel away, installation is easier than ever.

Areas with low to medium traffic, we have a laminated option with a thicker surface area to provide extra protection from everyday wear-and-tear. Choose a hazard stripe or checker pattern to instantly improve awareness in hazardous areas, such as around heavy machinery and near ledges.

We also offer a LITE tape engineered specifically for applications in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. PathFinder LITE 5S tape is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Widths range from 0.5 to 6 inches and each roll is 108 feet long.

To browse our selection of PathFinder LITE 5S Tapes click on the shop now button. While you’re there please be sure to check out our other amazing products and services. Thanks for watching, and work safe.

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