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WorkSafe: Reflective Stick-Ons

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

In this video, we’ll look at self-adhesive Reflective Stick-Ons, their range of uses, and available options.

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The following is a transcript of the Reflective Stick-Ons WorkSafe video:

Improve Visibility with Self-Adhesive Reflectors

Hi, I’m Garrett with Graphic Products, and today we’re talking about PathFinder Reflective Stick-ons.

These adhesive reflectors, from the PathFinder Reflect series, improve the visibility of hard hats, forklifts, vehicles or anywhere you need to ensure outdoor equipment will be visible in low light conditions.

Certified for Use on Motor Vehicles

PathFinder Reflective Stick-ons are stamped with SAE A DOT to confirm they are street legal for use on motor vehicles. Designed to satisfy Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 for reflective devices, they're ideal for marking vehicles and trailers.

They are available in a circle or rounded corner rectangle shape in amber to mark the front side of a vehicle or red to mark the rear side of a vehicle.

To browse our selection of Reflective Stick-Ons, click the 'Shop Now' button and while you're there check out our other useful products and services. Thanks for watching, and work safe.