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WorkSafe: Shrink-Tubing

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

In this video, we’ll look at how you can print specialized labeling for wires, cables, ethernet, and more using Shrink-Tubing.

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The following is a transcript of the Shrink-Tubing WorkSafe video:

Print Wire & Cable Labels

Hi, I’m Garrett with Graphic Products, and today we’re talking about DuraLabel Shrink-Tubing.

Take advantage of the DuraLabel industrial label printer you already use to print workplace visuals for wire marking jobs too.

Shrink-Tubing is Versatile

This printable shrink-tubing is ideal for identifying and color-coding wires and cables for organization and efficiency. Use Graphic Products’ labeling software automatic sequencing or external data merge features to simplify the chore of adding identifiers.

It’s available in a range of diameters to fit popular cable gauges and a variety of colors to allow for faster identification.

This shrink-tubing is durable and flame retardant to meet the requirements of UL, CSA, and military standards.

To browse our shrink-tube selection click on the Shop Now button and while you’re there check out our other useful products and services. Thanks for watching and work safe.