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WorkSafe: Sign Blanks

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

In this video, we’ll show how easy labels can be transformed into permanent signs using sign blanks.

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The following is a transcript of the Sign Blanks WorkSafe video:

Transform Labels Into Permanent Signs

Hi, I’m Garrett with Graphic Products, and today we’re talking about how to turn labels into permanent signs using sign blanks. Get the most out of your label supply while saving time and money spent on extra supplies.

Why Use Sign Blanks

Just print labels using your DuraLabel printer and apply them to a rigid sign blank. Sign blanks are an easy way to communicate safety messages in hard to label areas and locations that need temporary signs, such as construction sites, warehouses, and retail businesses.

Apply multiple labels to sign blanks for signs that require more information to communicate site-specific PPE requirements or safety procedures.

Many Materials To Choose From

Choose the size and material that range from strong fiberglass and aluminum for areas that are difficult to label, to corrugated plastic for temporary sign locations.

We also offer 1-way, 2-way, and 3-way sign blanks for visibility from all angles. Most sign blanks come with pre-drilled holes to make it easy to hang on walls or mount to doors, fences, and other building fixtures.

Use Graphic Products’ sign blanks for a convenient and affordable way to create more durable messages where adhesive vinyl alone may be less than ideal.

To browse sign blanks, click the ‘Shop Now’ button. While you’re there, check out our other useful products and services. Thanks for watching, and work safe.