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USA Manufacturing Hour

Trusting the Process: Improvement in Manufacturing

Process improvement in manufacturing has several benefits, but can be difficult to accomplish without the right tools. Kelley Pernicone of North American Laboratories in Ohio, leads a discussion on improvement for #USAMfgHour on Twitter.

News and Trends

Small Business Gets Big Safety Program Assistance

OSHA and NIOSH are stepping up efforts to help small businesses improve safety through a new handbook and other assistance. Get helpful tips and tools for cost-effective safety.

News and Trends

MSHA and Others Paving New Paths for Safety

With a rampant rise in injuries from mining haulage equipment, MSHA and others are stepping up education, training, and other safety systems.

Generating Quality Leads in Manufacturing

Finding the right leads for your business can be time-consuming and, sometimes, lead to nowhere. Manufacturers' News Inc., a manufacturing leads specialist, talks about tips for better lead generation for the #USAMfgHour chat on Twitter.


Want to Save Money? Invest in Workplace Safety

Some of the top workplace incidents are often the most costly, according to recent data from Liberty Mutual. Stepping up safety improves a company’s bottom line. It also sends a message to workers that their best interest is sought.

USA Manufacturing Hour

Easy Ways to Consolidate Vendors and Enjoy the Benefits

Quantity isn't necessarily quality when it comes to vendors. Tami Matthews and Craig Miller of Lane Supply Company in Colorado talk about the benefits of consolidating vendors for #USAMfgHour on Twitter.

USA Manufacturing Hour

How to Lay the Groundwork for Media Outreach

Public relations expert Michelle Garrett shares tips to help manufacturers with strategic media outreach for the #USAMfgHour chat on Twitter.

USA Manufacturing Hour

Leveraging Videos in Manufacturing

Videos attract and keep an audience. It is also a tool that the manufacturing industry is not using adequately to showcase services, products, and other information. Jeff Long of True Focus Media discusses how to leverage videos in manufacturing for the #USAMfgHour chat on Twitter.