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Visual Communication

Refresh Facility Labeling Projects

An efficient workplace has labels and signs in place that work with the facility's goals. Check operational visuals to see if they are in step with the business' needs or need to evolve for new changes.

Pioneering Personnel

Winning at Customer Acquisition and Retention

Customer acquisition and retention take a lot of thoughtful planning, strategical steps, and intuitive response. Elizabeth Dodson of HomeZada hosts and shares her tips during #USAMfgHour on Twitter.


5 Top Solar Energy System Strategies for Safety

Solar projects are in high demand and so is the solar installation and maintenance workforce. Here are five key safety tips for contractors and others working in and around solar.

Pioneering Personnel

Strategy for Business Giving, Community Building

Charitable giving and volunteering opportunities can make a business more attractive. Pro Tapes shares how businesses can be a leader in the community while boosting worker morale and fostering relationships all around.


Installing Electrical Safety from the Start

There is no harm in double-checking work for safety, especially after an electrical installation. Here are several tips to help support safe installation practices.


Strengthen Dust Collection System Safety

To work with dust, it must be controlled. Keep dust collection systems in top working order as well. Otherwise, dust creates serious hazard risks.

Pioneering Personnel

Simple Brand Management for Manufacturers

Brand management doesn't happen overnight. With a consistent, steady nurturing, manufacturers can effectively build brands, learn, and grow. Marketing expert Rebecca Hart and other manufacturers share their tips.

Pioneering Personnel

Emotional Relevance Benefits Manufacturing

Emotional relevance can have a profound effect on manufacturing by strengthening relationships with customers. Business consultant Alon Zaibert shares his tips.


Tips for Better Chemical Safety Management

Workplace chemical safety is all about understanding the risks and following proper protocol. Train and educate workers on potential chemical hazards and communicate best practices. Here are tips on better chemical safety management.