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Signage to Enforce New Controls At Food Manufacturing Facilities

Food manufacturing, processing, and packaging are essential jobs in society and citizens rely on their output to survive. Businesses that perform these essential duties have needed to adapt to the developing situation in real time, adjusting production lines layouts to ensure social distancing is maintained. While these businesses were already used to maintaining a high degree of sanitization before the COVID-19 outbreak, they have needed to implement new controls to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Implementing a visual communication strategy which informs staff of new controls within the facility will accelerate behavioral adoption through frequent, eye-catching reminders.

Production Line Social Distancing

Maintaining the recommended 6-foot distance between staff working on production lines is one of the biggest challenges for food manufacturing businesses as production lines were not designed for so much separation. Using floor signs to indicate where staff should position themselves along the production line can ensure that staff remain safely distanced while optimizing the number of employees which can work on the line. Production capacity may be reduced compared to pre-COVID-19 levels, but it will help to keep staff and customers safe from transmission.

Floor Tapes for Establishing Boundaries

Food manufacturing plants are very familiar with floor tape around their facility to mark pathways, vehicle or forklift traffic areas, and storage locations, but floor tape is also an effective solution for marking boundaries around workspaces. Floor tape with printed messaging is effective to communicate the intention of the boundary, such as “restricted area”, “maintain 6 feet distance”, and other specific applications.