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COVID-19 Signage Solutions for Hospitals, Medical and Healthcare Organizations

As medical and healthcare facilities continue a brave and challenging battle on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, patients suffering from non-COVID-19 ailments are still seeking medical help at doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. Using highly visible signage has proven to be an effective way to enforce social distancing, mask usage, and to create awareness of symptoms and risks. Graphic Products has developed a full range of products specific to the needs of medical and healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and offices.

Entrances, Exits, and Lobby Signage

To effectively enforce social distancing, it is important that patient pathways through your facility are clearly marked. We offer signs to mark doors as an entrance or exit only, to identify patient or visitor check-in areas, or to direct foot traffic flow through the facility so patients and staff are less likely to cross paths with each other.

Testing Area Signage

As COVID-19 testing capacity increases, we are seeing temporary and drive-thru testing locations pop up in communities and cities across the world. Conducting testing in the midst of a pandemic presents new challenges and protective measures, of which the general public is completely unaware. Our COVID-19 testing area signage provides details about what patients and their vehicles need to do during the testing procedure.

Quarantine Area Labeling

When entire wards of hospitals are dedicated to the treatment of this highly infectious disease, it is important to prevent staff, patients, and visitors from inadvertently entering a quarantine area. These wall and floor signs effectively identify doors and hallways which lead to quarantine areas. Use floor tapes to cordon off wings and improve traffic flow within the medical facility.