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COVID-19 Signage Solutions Office Environments

Health experts have recommended that indoor gatherings limit the number of persons to fewer than 25 individuals (these guidelines are dependent on the local/regional ordinances), which presents unique challenges for office environments. HR departments are tasked with implementing office workflows and protocols which reduce the risk of disease transmission and to act quick to get their workforce back together. These challenges require unique signage solutions to assist employees in adopting new habits related to risk reduction.

Physical Distancing Between Workstations

Social or physical distancing has proven an effective measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining the recommended 6-foot distance between individuals. This distance is shown to be adequate to prevent respiratory droplets (the natural exhalants dispersed when speaking or laughing) from transmitting from one individual to another, so visually indicating the appropriate distance to maintain from a coworker’s workstation using floor signs and floor tape can prevent transmission within the office.

Increase Workstation Sanitization

Cleanliness, specifically hand washing, has also proven highly effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Beyond hand washing, introducing regular disinfection and sanitization of workstations will ensure that shared tables, keyboards, and mice are cleaned after each use – preventing the virus from passing from one employee to another. Adding highly visible signage around the office can help to establish a culture of cleanliness in your office.

Protect Against Respiratory Droplets

Indoor environments present a new challenge for controlling the spread of COVID-19: ventilation. With most modern offices running an HVAC system almost constantly, those drafts can carry respiratory droplets farther than they would have. For this reason, many office spaces are introducing barriers around workstations and cubicles. Shop our selection of mounted or freestanding sneeze guards to protect against sneezes from across the office.