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Mitigate COVID-19 Risk at Construction Sites

The unfortunate reality is that as allowable crew sizes increase across the nation, the risk of COVID-19 transmission also increases. However, there are proven measures and controls which can be taken to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Frequent and thorough hand washing, wearing a face covering or mask, and maintaining at least 6 feet between construction workers have all been shown to effectively prevent COVID-19 transmission. Enforcing these controls at worksites comes down to education, training, and visual reminders such as signs, labels, posters, floor signs, floor tape, and freestanding A-Frame signs.

COVID-19 Signs and Posters for Construction Sites

Construction workers are already familiar with the concept of safety signage, as mandated by OSHA and other safety organizations and alliances. Introducing signage specific to COVID-19 will easily integrate into employee practices of monitoring PPE requirements, entry restrictions, and other signage notices through a construction site. Reminding employees about proper hand hygiene, social distancing, and mask requirements will help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among crew members.

Floor Signs and Floor Marking for Construction Sites

Large-scale construction sites should already be familiar with the efficacy of floor signs and floor tape as safety controls to prevent accidents, however COVID-19 presents new risks which need to be addressed alongside fall arrest and other common Construction risks. Limiting the number of workers entering elevators, working in tight spaces, and moving tools or supplies can help to prevent the close-contact scenarios which have shown to lead to transmission. Use floor signs and floor tape through the job site to promote and enforce social distancing.