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Floor Marking

Use visual communication to bring awareness of important workplace boundaries. Use our Floor Marking and Wayfinding resources to direct warehouse traffic, light-up exits, identify hazardous areas, and improve general organization.


Introducing Rigid Hazard Tape & Heavy Duty Floor Marking Overlaminate

PathFinder Rigid Hazard Tape, new from Graphic Products, communicates warnings clearly with durable, striped hazard tape. Another new product available in the Graphic Products online store is Heavy Duty Floor Marking Overlaminate, with a smooth gloss finish for easy readability and shine.

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The #WorkSafe Video Series: PathFinder Print Tape

Graphic Products has launched the third feature in The WorkSafe Video Series.

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Five Ways You Can Prevent Fires at Your Office

National Fire Prevention Week is October 9-16 and gives good cause for pause for many of us who work in offices. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) claims there are approximately 3,340 office building fires annually, causing an average of four deaths and 44 injuries every year.

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Articles & Tutorials

  • Industrial Floor Tape vs. Floor Paint

    In the floor marking world, the battle between industrial floor marking tape and its lesser brother has finally been decided. Discover why floor marking tape is faster, stronger, more durable, and ideal for any warehouse.

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  • Five Essential Forklift Safety Tips

    How can employers improve forklift safety? We offer five essential tips for forklift safety training, floor marking, visual communication, and more.

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  • Types of Floor Marking

    Learn about how various types of floor marking can improve safety and efficiency in warehouses, low-light settings, and marine environments.

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