DuraLabel PRO 300


DuraLabel PRO 300


Accomplish a wide range of labeling projects and challenges with this multipurpose printer. Hook it up to your PC to design and print high-quality labels in minutes with the easy-to-use label design software. Ideal for OSHA/ANSI-style signs, pipe markers, GHS/HazCom 2012 labels, and 5S labels.


Product Description


  • Choice of label width: design and print labels from 1/2"- 4" wide.

  • Powerful software: easily design custom labels and signs for a variety of industrial applications, including OSHA compliance, GHS/HazCom 2012 chemical labeling, pipe marking, arc flash warnings, and more. Includes a library of over 1,800 standardized symbols.

  • Wide variety of supplies: choose from over 50 application-specific supplies in dozens of colors.

  • Network connectivity: optional Ethernet port available for sharing the printer over a network.

  • Mobile capability: use a laptop to turn your desktop printer into a standalone system.

  • Fast printing: increase productivity with a print speed of 3" per second and an automatic cutter that cleanly cuts through the thickest supply.

  • High-resolution: print bold easy-to-read signs and labels at 300 dpi.

  • 5-Year warranty: click here to read more about our 5-year warranty.

  • Lifetime support: receive free support for the life of your product.


  • Dimensions

    8.4W x 12.4D x 7.4H"

  • Weight

    12 lbs

  • Print technology

    Thermal transfer

  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Print speed

    Selectable 2 or 3 inches/second

  • Print width


  • Indicators

    Power, Online, Pause, Error

  • Buttons

    Power, Feed

  • Connectivity

    USB 2.0, Standard Serial Port, Standard Parallel Port

  • Memory

    2 MB flash, 8 MB DRAM, SD Card slot

  • Software

    DuraSuite Labeling Software, Label Forge Labeling Software

  • Input voltage

    Universal Switching Power, 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

  • Operation temperature

    41°F – 104°F (5°C – 40°C)

  • Operation humidity

    25% – 85%, non-condensing

  • Storage temperature

    -40°F – 140°F (-40°C – 60°C)

  • Storage humidity

    10% – 90%, non-condensing

  • Ventilation

    Free air movement

  • Environmental compliance

    RoHS, WEEE

  • Label stock type

    Continuous, black mark & die cut supplies. 50+ industrial–strength supplies including Arc Flash Labels, Shrink-Tubing, Low-Halogen Tapes, Premium Indoor/Outdoor Tapes, Cold Storage Tapes, RTK Color Labels, HazCom 2012 Labels, Cryogenic Labels.

  • Label stock width


  • Ribbon supply type

    Wax/resin, resin

  • Ribbon supply width

    2.5” –4.3”

  • Sensors

    Adjustable reflective sensor, Gap transmissive sensor, Heater element diagnostic sensor, Head open sensor, Transmissive end sensor (transparent supply)

  • Circuit protection

    3.75A maximum

  • Header for specifications


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Color Printing Single Color Single Color Two Color Single Color Single Color Single Color Single Color
Portable No No No Yes w/ optional battery Yes w/ optional battery Yes No