Chemical Resistant Shrink-Tubing Ribbon

SKU: 7253037

Chemical Resistant Shrink-Tubing Ribbon

SKU: 7253037

This supply is perfect for wire and cable marking in areas where exposure to chemicals and petroleum products is likely. The high-quality resin ink creates clear and legible text that stays intact on shrink-tubing. Use it in mining, construction, automotive, and manufacturing operations.


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Product Description

  • High-performance resin ink: durable resin ink keeps text clear and legible to resist damage from solvents and liquids like alcohol, WD-40, oil, and hydraulic fluid. We recommend using this ribbon with our Shrink-Tubing supply for the best results.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: excellent outdoor durability to extend the lifespan of your shrink-tubing. 


  • Outdoor life

    5+ Years

  • Shelf life

    1 year

  • IsCustomizable



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