High-Tack Tape

SKU: hightack

High-Tack Tape

SKU: hightack

This supply is perfect when you need highly durable labels for low energy surfaces like paint, metal, plastic, and other unusual surfaces in challenging environments. Use it to make barcode labels, vehicle ID labels, and equipment signs and labels.



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Product Description

  • Indoor and outdoor use: supply stays intact in a range of temperatures with an outdoor lifespan of 6 years.
  • High-strength adhesive: permanent adhesive keeps labels intact on low energy surfaces like powder-coated metals, polyethylene, and even fabrics.
  • Polyester film top coat: the print-receptive top coat is highly durable to resist damage from smudging and abrasion. It also resists most mild acids, alkalis, and salt solutions, including exposure to fuel vapors and occasional fuel spills.


  • Outdoor life

    6 years

  • Min service temperature


  • Max service temperature


  • Application temperature


  • Shelf life

    1 year

  • Film thickness

    3 mil

  • Adhesive thickness

    1 mil