Ladder Shrink Tube

SKU: ladder-st

Ladder Shrink Tube

SKU: ladder-st

Easily organize and identify wires and cables with shrink tube. Print text directly onto the supply and use heat to instantly apply. Ideal for printing sequenced batch markers and general wire and cable marking.




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Product Description

Clearly identify and organize wires and cables. This flexible, cross-linked ladder shrink tube will ensure your wire and cable marking survives the elements. The supply is pre-cut, making it ideal for printing sequenced batch markers. Print messages directly onto shrink tube in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

  • Compliant: meet UL, CSA, and military standards.
  • Reliable: tubing shrinks to a third of its size to grip cables snugly.
  • Convenient: pre-cut 2’’ lengths keep markers organized for easy batch printing and installation.