LN2 Poly Tape

SKU: ln2

LN2 Poly Tape

SKU: ln2

Produce labels that remain legible in extremely cold environments. This low profile supply protects text and graphics from smudges and abrasion and durable adhesive to grip to difficult surfaces. Ideal for identifying test tubes, cryogenic specimen storage, and other applications with extremely cold surfaces.





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Product Description

Keep label information clear and legible in cold environments. This supply is commonly used in scientific research and health care freezing processes. It’s ideal for identifying glass test tubes and cryogenic short term specimen storage and testing.

  • Multipurpose: provides a superior bond to low and high-energy surfaces.
  • High-quality: permanent adhesive and low profile polyester print long-lasting text and graphics.
  • Durable: resists smudging, abrasion, and humidity.

WARNING: California Proposition 65 Notice


  • Thickness

    2.3 mil

  • Min service temperature


  • Max service temperature


  • Application temperature


  • Shelf life

    2 years