Nylon Label Tape

SKU: nylon

Nylon Label Tape

SKU: nylon

Effectively label flexible surfaces like fabric, wires, and cables. This durable supply survives twisting and bending to keep labels intact and legible. Ideal for manufacturing processes and labeling laboratory vials and slides.





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Product Description

Securely label challenging surfaces like fabric, wires, cables, and more. The tough permanent adhesive allows labels to last longer on flexible surfaces. Nylon label tape is ideal for manufacturing processes, laboratory identification for vials or slides, and more.

  • Reliable: material maintains shape even after twisting or bending.
  • Multipurpose: label a variety of flexible, uneven, and complex surfaces.
  • Durable: highly flexible to reduce distortion and cracking for longer lasting labels.


  • Outdoor life

    2 years

  • Thickness

    5 mil

  • Min service temperature


  • Max service temperature


  • Application temperature


  • Shelf life

    1 year