SKU: shrinktube


SKU: shrinktube

Easily mark wires and cables with highly flexible shrink-tubing. Print text onto this tough supply and use heat to quickly shrink labels into place. Ideal for all your wire and cable marking tasks.



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Accomplish all wire and cable marking tasks with tough and highly flexible shrink-tubing. Just print onto the supply, fit over the wire or cable, and use a heat source to shrink. Quickly identify all of your wires and cables and improve organization with easy-to-read labels. Use a variety of colors to color-code individual strands or group together multiple strands. The material has a 3:1 shrink ratio, so choose a size that is up to three times the width of the wires or cables you’re planning on labeling for the best fit.

  • Durable: highly flexible polyolefin material allows for lasting attachment, even around bending or twisting strands
  • Compliant: meets UL, CSA, and military requirements
  • Heavy Duty: flame-retardant and heat-shock resistant


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