Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tape

SKU: ultraaggressive

Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tape

SKU: ultraaggressive

Print long-lasting labels with our strongest adhesive for a superior hold. Ideal for labeling low-surface energy and complex surfaces like plastic, concrete, wood, and brick. Use it to mark equipment and pipes or for construction site signs and facility safety signs.



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Product Description

If you have an abundance of challenging surfaces in your facility or work site, Ultra-Aggressive Vinyl can handle the task. Print labels that won’t budge with an extra-strength adhesive that provides lasting adhesion to a variety of complex surfaces. Ultra-Aggressive is perfect for equipment marking, pipe marking, construction sites, and general procedural and facility safety signs and labels.

  • Adaptable: adheres to many low-surface energy and textured surfaces like plastic, concrete, brick, and wood

  • Durable: can endure both indoor and outdoor environments

  • Heavy Duty: resistant to many chemicals


  • Outdoor life

    7 years

  • Min service temperature


  • Max service temperature


  • Application temperature


  • Shelf life

    1 year

  • Film thickness

    3.8 mil

  • Adhesive thickness

    1.5 mil