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Safety Signs

Expand your safety program to improve productivity. From arc flash warning signs and OSHA compliance labels, to translating hazards and PPE requirement training, morale for your workforce will improve when safety is the priority. Share our tools and browse our solutions to get started!


What If Your Signs Aren't Working?

How do you know if your safety signs are getting ignored? Conduct a self-audit to see where you can incorporate the following psychological principles.

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The Simpsons Safety Posters

Homer Simpson is a beloved buffoon. The iconic animated character on The Simpsons 26-year series is often the center of workplace accidents.

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Vintage Posters: Breaking Ground for Workplace Safety

Posters once united a nation. Iconic screen prints of Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter flooded lamp posts of times past, uniting a nation at war or in the throngs of the great depression.

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Articles & Tutorials

  • Your Facility Needs a DuraLabel Printer

    Safety labels serve as a visual warning to any person entering the proximity of a hazard of potential health and safety risks.

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  • OSHA 1910 145 Warning Signs and Tags

    To simply post a notice is not acceptable by OSHA. There are specific design elements and wording that must be followed.

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