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Enforcing social distancing recommendations at your place of business is a new and unfamiliar challenge for many of us. How best do you communicate appropriate social distancing at your workplace?

Floor Signs to Enforce Social Distancing 

Floor signage has emerged as the leading solution to enforce social distancing and is currently being used in many essential retail locations like grocery stores, pharmacies, and hardware stores. Social distancing floor signs remind staff, customers, patients, or visitors that they should maintain the recommended 6 foot/2 meter distance between other individuals while waiting in line for check or assistance. 

Pedestrian and Foot Traffic Management

Another emerging trend to aid in the enforcement of social distancing is the implementation of one-way traffic in your place of business. Preventing individuals from passing one another in aisles where maintaining a 6'/2m distance is impossible has become essential to enforcing social distancing. Graphic Products has developed a number of traffic flow floor signs with easy peel-and-stick backings which adhere to most indoor floor surfaces and some outdoor ground surfaces (see product specifications for details). These highly visible foot traffic management signs can alert customers and visitors to not enter aisles which flow the opposite direction, and inform them which aisle are accessible.

Improve Transaction Efficiency

Customers entering your place of business likely come with a tinge of anxiety. We're dealing with unprecidented circumstances right now and face-to-face interactions now present new risks. Speeding up the process of checkout can be a welcomed relief for customers, and we have developed a number of floor signs which encourage customers to have payment ready. Less fumbling for credit cards means that customers can get-in, make a purchase, and get out quickly, reducing the stress felt by them and your staff.

Reduce Disease, Virus, and Germ Transmission

Keep your hands to yourself has never been as important as it is now. We developed a number of floor signs which remind staff, visitors, customers and the like about the importance of hand hygiene and eliminating interpersonal contact, like handshakes.

Custom solutions Available

Floor signs allow you to easily communicate where customers, visitors and employees should stand, walk and find essential safety items. These signs come in a variety of sizes to for different needs. Custom options available by contacting a sales represetnative at 1-888-326-9244.